Unlock procedure MCU D70F3525 of cluster W213 2016-06.2018 years (Code: )


The procedure of unlock (change and full reflash with our firmware)  MCU D70F3525 of your cluster W213 VDO 2016-06.2018.

Caution! This is a pre-order! Please do not pay Immediately!
Pay for it only after receiving your parcel and confirmation by us that it can be unlocked!

Please send to us next info before ordering:

1. The archive file maded by the MBcleaner tool maded after the try to change the data in cluster.
2. Month and Year of cluster manufacturing
3. It's a Diesel or Petrol (diesel is 6000min-1)?
4. Have HUD or have no?
5. Hybrid or regular (the Eco arrow present or temperature arrow at the right side of cluster).
6. The cluster is a spare part or unmounted by live car?

All this info is very important, because not all clusters can be unlocked.


 After unlocking:
- it will be adjustable with MBcleaner tool + option "W205/222"
- No need to install filter EZS-Cluster
- the firmware update with Xentry or other tools will be turned off - maded specially because after reflashing of cluster the old km jumps from EZS to cluster display.


The cost of delivery back to you will be added to the price of this procedure.

Please send to us the PACKED CAREFULLY the cluster module, or better just a PCB of cluster.

Unlock procedure usually takes 1-2 days if there is no queue and we are not away.

The address of delivery will be writed in the reply letter after processing of your order.


Old price: 9093 руб.
Price: 5846 руб.
Dimensions: 320 х 140 х 60mm
Package: картон, пупырка
Requirements: Place a SEPARATE ORDER!
Copyright USprog team.
USD USD 66.82 EUR EUR 64.95 PLN PLN 13.71

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