Unlock procedure for cluster W190/205/447 2013-08.2018 (Code: )


The procedure of unlock (full reflashing with our firmware) of your cluster W190, W205 or W447 VDO 2013-08.2018.


Caution! This is a pre-order! Please do not pay Immediately!
Pay for it only after receiving your parcel and confirmation by us that it can be unlocked!


Please send to us next info before ordering:

1. The archive file by the MBcleaner tool maded after the try to change the Main data in cluster.
2. It's a Diesel or Petrol (diesel is 6000min-1)
3. Have HUD or have no
4. HYBRID or regular ( the Eco arrow present or temperature arrow at the right side of cluster).
5. Is it a spare part or cluster from live car.

All this info is very important, because not all clusters can be unlocked.

 After unlocking:
- it will be adjustable with tool MBСleaner + option "W205/W222".
- No need to install filter EZS-Cluster.

The cost of delivery back to you will be added to the price of this procedure.

Please send to us the PACKED CAREFULLY the cluster module, or better just a PCB of cluster.

Unlock procedure usually takes 1-2 days if there is no queue and we are not away.

The address of delivery will be writed in the reply message after processing of your order.

Old price: 6036 руб.
Price: 4311 руб.
Dimensions: 320 х 140 х 60mm
Package: картон, пупырка
Requirements: Place a SEPARATE ORDER!
Copyright USprog team.
USD USD 73.29 EUR EUR 86.32 PLN PLN 18.86

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