Change old MB-CAN v1 (Code: 56)


Since last year, MB-CAN V1 adapters are no longer updated. For this, please say ThankYou to our bitch-"friends" from Germany and China. Until the end of 2019, all support for these adapters by our Cleaners will also be discontinued.

So please take the time and some money to replace your old adapter.


Caution! This is actual only for old adapter MB-CAN V1 (COLOR IS BLACK), bought earlier in our shop! 

Adapters MB-CAN V2 are actual, can't be changed!



1. You are the registered owner of the adapter.
    No "my friend, brother, wife, master"! Only the owner has the right to exchange.

2. New adapter may be activated only after confirmation of sending of old adapter by you.


The new adapter requires the procedure of Activation. Details are on the site, MBcleaner installation page.


Important! Please write your current Adapter ID in the order notes.

After confirmation of your order and adapter ID validity, you will be informed about Address for sending of your old Adapter.

Price: 3897 руб.
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