Full LCD 2017-2018, D70F3525 (Code: )


The MCU chip D70F3525 for the Cluster W205 Full LCD up to 2018 produce date, aleready flashed with specific software numbers for your Cluster.
Designed for self-replacement (soldering) of the same MCU by your Cluster.

Flashed with fully tested pathced firmware from Mercedes.

With this controller:
- Data can be corrected via OBD with MBcleaner tool with the option W205/213/222 (about other tools don't ask please)
- No EZS-Cluster filter needed.
- The ability to update firmware in the cluster via Xentry/DAS or other official tools is DISABLED to avoid returning the mileage from the car to the Clusterl.

The disassembly description for cluster is HERE.

Instruction for using is HERE.

CAUTION! The return or exchange of already bought and received MCUs NOT ALLOWED !
Please select the proper numbers in your order!

Please select the desired firmware by numbers from the label of your cluster (better the numbers shown by the OBD with MBcleaner because the firmware in the cluster may be updated earlier).


If you can't find the combination of numbers for your cluster in the list, we can make the MCU by your cluster's data (Flash only, not EEPROM. All other is by the instruction above). After ordering, please send your archive file maded by MBcleaner program when you try to change the main mileage on your specific cluster.

For people who NOT UNDERSTAND
DON'T SEND us any files if you found the numbers on the list! These files are for you only, not for us!
DON'T SEND us the other files, we need the Archive File ONLY, it must be produced NOT BY YOU but by MBcleaner software automatically!

Important! Be sure to describe your cluster in the mail with archive:
1 .Gasoline or Diesel
2. HUD or without it
3. EU/US (Miles or KM)
4. Hybrid or not.

If your mail forwarder blocks the sending of .rar files, you can just rename it's extension to .zip or repack it to other archive, don't forget to inform us about it.


Where to look the numbers:
1. In the name of archive file maded by MBcleaner.
2. In the file SCN readed with MBcleaner, it is text file.
3. Module Info by the Xentry.
4. On the label of cluster,but only if it is not updated by the dealers, then label will be not actual.
    Numbers by the Xentry or Label: LUP0 and P1  (EXAMPLE HERE)

For the list of numbers, In brackets:
"8drv" - the number of led driver devices placed on the Cluster PCB,
"HUD" - HeadUp projector connector, "HYB" - Hybride drive, NV - NightVision connector.

Please don't be lazy, find out your numbers in the list!
We does not accept order "not present in list, will send my file" with files/numbers already present in the list!

Old price: 15156 руб.
Price: 5305 руб.
Dimensions: 35 х 35 х 2mm
Copyright USprog team.