Cluster W213 UK RH Full LCD with HUD, no NV (Code: )


This unlocked cluster W213 UK RH (right-steereng) Full LCD with HUD(Head-Up display connector), no NightVision connector.
it can be installed in W213 2016-2020 instead of cluster with blocked correction of data.

The options Diesel-Petrol, Miles-KM are selectable by SCN coding.

- Unlocked, adjustable with MBcleaner tool +option "205/222".
- No need to install filter EZS-Cluster.


The MBcleaner with option "W205/W222" can help you to do the transfer of all data from old cluster to new one, faster and easily (instruction by request, after delivery of cluster).

Price: 58457 руб.
Dimensions: 850 х 260 х 200mm
Package: картон, пупырка
Copyright USprog team.
USD USD 66.82 EUR EUR 64.95 PLN PLN 13.71

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