USProg v04 (Code: usp04)


USProg  — USB Programmer for Microcontrollers and Serial EEPROM using Serial Wire Protocol, have K-L-CAN interface for BMWcleaner/MersCleaner programms.

Hardware version: 04

The current devices list is HERE.

This tool completed with:

1. USB Programmer Adapter with Cables:

    - SerialMemory cable + standard short RF cable (good for Motorola and Fujitsu MCUs);

    - SerialMemory cable + twisted pair long RF cable (good for Motorola and other chips, not for Fujitsu chips);

    - SerialMemory SOIC-8 Clip cable;

    - OBDII cable ( for option MBcleaner or BMWcleaner).

2. Software USprog (programmer tool for direct operating with device memory);

3. Software CorrOdo (for some values correction in some modules);

4. Software MB-Unlocker (unlock of Mercedes clusters).

5. Software MBcleaner or BMWcleaner - one of them by your choice or both for additional payment.

Additional OPTIONS:
1. Recalculating CRCs for low-level data blocks (CRC is inside of each datablock) for internal DataFlash Tricore TC16xx and TC17xx MCU.
2. Eraser of EEPROMs M35160, M35128 with special adapter pcb for USprog.


This product require activation procedure, see description on MersCleaner or BMWcleaner installation pages.


Optional SW:
Option USprog:
Option "W205":
Option EZS W164:
Old price: 58457 руб.
Price: 92881 руб.
Dimensions: 18 х 15 х 4cm
Adam2017, 16.12.2020
класный прибор
rami, 17.10.2019
A lot of interesting things in this programmer.
Well done !!! keep it up
ftonik, 29.03.2014
Mного чего интересного в этом программаторе.
Молодцы!!! Так держать
Copyright USprog team.
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