SPARE PART: PCB of Eraser 351xxWT for USprog tool (Open and read me before buying!) (Code: )


If you have previously purchased option ERASER 351xx for your USprog adapter, you can purchase the SPARE adapter pcb here.
After payment, will be sent a spare adapter for erasing chips.

Attention! This adapter is SPARE PART only for one specific USprog V4 adapter purchased before on our shop!
Old tools like Eraser35080 are not supported!

The option bought earlier together with a special adapter allows you to correctly erase the incremental area (1st 2 lines) of EEprom to zeros. Operates well on approximately 80% of the chips produced before 2018.09.


One feature of chips M35160WT, M35128WT: if in some pair of cells of the incremental area already recorded value Fxxx (F0 00 ... FF FF) - this pair of cells will not be erased (locked forever).

To erase the EEPROM is only possible on the chip desoldered by the original PCB and mounted to the ZIF socket of Eraser adapter. 
The procedure takes two minutes to several hours. 
If the chip cannot be erased too long time, please stop the process, you should wash the connectors of the Eraser adapter and USprog tool, clean the ZIF clip, then repeat the procedure.
Or you can solder the EEPROM to the soldering pads on the adapter Board. Then please repeat several times the erase procedure.

Also helps heating of chip to 40-70* when erase is run. 

IMPORTANT: If your USprog adapter is older than 2019 year, you need to check/change the capacitor C23 to ~100nF on the USprog adapter pcb. See picture here.


Important! For this purchase finish, please write your Adapter ID in the order notes.


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