Copier for emu-35160Wx, 35128Wx (soldering) (Code: )


35160Wx/35128Wx Copier - is the pcb for easy and standalone copying of all data (EEPROM +ChipID) from original chips 35160, 160D0Wx, 35128Wx to the emulator chip named "emu-35160" or "emu-35128".

Version 2 is only for more convenient location of parts on the Board, have smaller size of the padstacks for soldering of chips (less chances to make bridges under the chips during soldering).

These emulator chips "emu-35160", "emu-35128" are the special devices, has the ability to copy data from the source chip. This emul.chip make this process of copying easiest and faster.

Soldering: with soldering iron or hot-air soldering gun (max.220°C). On the pcb of dashboard, you need to change the solder to the usual (not Pb-free) because it have a lower temperature of melting.

Desoldering: with hot-air soldering gun (max.220°C)! The pcb of emulator has a very small pads, they may tear off easily.

After soldering (or simple applying by pressing) of source chip and "emu-35160" or "emu-35128" on this copier pcb, apply the power. The led on the copier pcb will show the next states of process:

- Lights ~3sec (~15sec for 35128), then light off. Means all is ok, all data was copied, you may unmount the devices and use them.

- Flashes shortly, period 0.5sec. Means that the "emu-35160" or "emu-35128" pcb "does not see" the source chip.

  Please check the orientation of source chip, soldering of all pins of both devices on the copier pcb. Please check the contact between the devices with multimeter. For additional info about troubleshooting please refer to the shop page , description of your emulator.

- Led is not lights at all. Check the power applied to the copier pcb, polarity etc. Check the orientation of emulator device mounted to the copier.


Orientation of "emu-35160" or "emu-35128" chips:

Near of pin 1 is placed small ceramic capacitor, close to pin 5 placed small black resistor 100 ohm, 0402 size.

The emulators sold since date 11.2017 have a laser marking "160" or "128" and the dot near of pin 1.

Difference between Emu35160 and Emu35128:
35160: under the glue you can see the chip 3х3mm, smallest than emulator pcb. Power of emulator is 3.3...5V.
35128: under the glue you can see the chip 4х4mm, size is approx. of emulator pcb size. Powered by 3.3V only.


Power of Copier pcb:  3.3v to 12v. The 5v is optimal for using.


Price: 650 руб.
Dimensions: 40 х 25 х 4mm
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