W164/W221 EZS option for MBcleaner (Open and read me before buying!) (Code: )


The option is for Mbcleaner software. It is for correct resetting of km value in the EZS W164, W221 and other clones of them, works on the most of cars '2009-2012 (not all but most of them). Works Absolutely safety, no any bugs!


Caution! This option is only for the adapter MB-CAN V2 or USprog V4 only,  ordered before in our shop!

Adapters MB-CAN V1 are discontinued, not for this option!

For the some models of W164, W216, W221, for additional payment, In the shop there is the option of try to clear km in the EZS.
if the selected vehicle have a possibility to try clear km in EZS, the checkbox "Try clr km in EZS" will be shown near the Main Km field. With this box checked, will be performed try to write new km in cluster and clear km in EZS when the new data will be stored into the Dashboard. 


If you was buy earlier the USB Adapter (USProg or MB-CAN) without this option, you can activate it there.

Before ordering this option, you must HAVE ALREADY:

- the USB Adapter (USProg or MB-CAN);

- the software MBcleaner already activated for this USB Adapter.


Important! For this option activation, please write your Adapter ID in the order notes.


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dimka.an, 23.07.2016
GL X164 2012 года сделал "на ура!" и быстро.
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