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If you was buy the USB Adapter (USProg or MB-CAN) earlier without this option, you can buy and activate it now.


Caution! This option is only for the adapter MB-CAN V2 or USprog V4 only,  ordered before in our shop!

Adapters MB-CAN V1 are discontinued, not for this option!


For this option activation, Please write in the order notes your Adapter ID.


Option "W205":
Option EZS W164:
Old price: 19486 руб.
Price: 29228 руб.
qwannn, 01.08.2019
Everything working perfect!
fazooley, 05.04.2016
Best Tool for Secondary locations HANDS DOWN! New option making ezs to 0 on select models a real treat, if you do a 100% job you need this tool, if your customers are fools and want only dash and ezs blocked they got another thing coming to them. WAY TO MANY ECU'S for mb and bmw and this is the only tool to do them all
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