MC908AZ60A (Code: )


New, original MCU device for repairing of car modules etc.

Good for replace of badly working MCUs 908AZ60 mask 2J74Y, 4J74Y.

Need to make a little bit modify of source Flash dump by 2J74, 4J74 for downloading into AZ60A chips. 

For right working in AZ60A, need to write right values of dividers for voltage pumps of EEPROM EExDIVNV (read the datasheet for 908AZ60A).
As example, if crystal is 16.0mHz the pair of bytes in addresses [FE10:11], [FF70:71] must be = 82 30,
for crystal  8.0mHz = 81 18,
for 4.0mHz = 80 8C.
The bytes in [FE1C] and [FF7C] = F0  (“Flash Write Enabled”).

Old price: 1039 руб.
Price: 779 руб.
Dimensions: 35 х 35 х 2mm
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