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The sale of filters 1615, 1715 is finished.
In our shop present filters of next generation, 1621 and 1721.


Reminder for those who choose EMS as a method of delivery out of Russia.
If the parcel is distributed by the EMS service to St. Petersburg instead of Moscow, then there are many chances that it will not leave there and will return to the sender (to us) in a couple of months.
Because the EMS uses air flights only,there will be no passing flights to your country at the St. Petersburg airport.
We can't influence it in any way! Just remember it.
The russianpost is simplest but much more flexible in logistics, sometimes works faster than EMS post.

The shipping of your orders will be:
EMS - in Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
RU.POST - in Tuesday, Friday.



Due to the blocking of the Russian banking system by other countries, it has become impossible to accept payments in USD or Euros.

Therefore, our store can receive payments in RUB ONLY!

The American systems Western Union, MoneyGram temporarily stopped work with Russia.
the KoronaPay money transfer system is still working, but accept the transfers only with conversion of your currency into RUB.


New Section in our shop SERVICES - for unlocks, repair and recoding of your modules.

For USPROG adapter only:
We maded the software 'MB-Unlocker' to unlock the clusters W190, W205, W253, W222(oldstyle),
W447 and same clusters 2014-2017 year via internet, with USprog adapter. Need to solder 5 wires by the tool to MCU of cluster.
Also it work with newer clusters 2018-2020 years, but need to change MCU to rewriteable one.
Operation takes the not expensive Token bought previously in our shop.
All details by your mail request to the site mail mail@usprog.ru.

The new option for USprog tool "Eraser M35160WT M35128WT" is available on our store.

The MCUs for Clusters MB W190, 205, 213, 222, 447, W907 are available on our store for soldering instead of locked original MCUs.
The MCUs flashed with specially patched firmware, ready to use in clusters with exact firmware numbers by the list of ordered MCU.
For details, please read the description of ordered MCU on the shop page.

You can look the detailed descriptions of our goods on the Home page.


If you have a questions about goods pricing or ordering - please read carefully the pages in FAQ:

- About ordering, payment and delivery

- About shopping discounts



Unlocking, repair, recoding ща Your modules

Tools for working via OBD

Tools for programming of chips etc.

Parts for sale (car modules)

Devices for modules

Energy for your home.

Copyright USprog team.
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