Filter MB/BMW/Renault

30.08.2020  Firmware Update regarding filters 1715 SpeedStop. 
    Added mode "10% by real speed" - the owners want to know when need go to dealer service.
    Now it have:
    Count 50% = 2 flashes of FarLight lamp on the cluster
    Count 10% = 3 flashes of FarLight lamp 
    Count Stop = 4 flashes of FarLight lamp 

    Count Full   = 1 flash of FarLight lamp.

Actual firmware versions for filters:

 1815-12  -  v45.30.08 (old filters)
 1615       -  v45.30.08 (green regular filter)
 1715       -  v65.30.08 (blue filter SpeedStop) model 2017
 1715       -  v65.31.08 (blue filter SpeedStop) model 2019

Important - please don't load firmware into the filter 1815-14/1615/1616 if you not sure that it is intended for this type of filter!!! Overwise you become a lot of problems for loading back the correct firmware! 
Before update of filter, please do the "UNLOCK" procedure for filter, even if the filter shows state "unlocked"!

For the request of file with firmware, please send us the mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the message with the next info:

1 - of course, the reason of your request (what you need by us)
2 - Fully proper name of your Filter (1815-12/13,1816 or 1815-14, 1615,1616,1716)
3 - your Adapter ID (MB-CAN or USProg tool adapter) that you will use for reflashing
4 - (for filters SpeedStop 1715) The model you need, 2017 or 2019.

The procedure of filter update is described in the manual of MBcleaner.

27.12.2019  Firmware Update for all filters.
    Added filtering of data when read Errors from EZS module W204, 205old, 166, 212, 222old, 253old, 447 (detailed errors reading).


25.12.2019  Firmware Update for all filters.
    Was fixed a bug for BMW cars. The filter resets his state to "unlocked" when the car accu power was gone slowly.

 14.10.2019  Firmware Update for filters 1715 SpeedStop. 
   Filters 1715 SpeedStop now have 2 different firmwares:
    - for Mercedes up to 2018.04 (model 2017) - work with any clusters in cars up to 04.2018,
    - for Mercedes after 2018.04 (model 2019)  - work only with unlockied clusters 04.2018...2019!
    Please write in your request message, what firmware model year for 1715 you need!

19.09.2019  Firmware Update for all filters. W166: corrected detection of 2nd filter "OBD".

11.09.2019  Firmware Update for all filters. Added filtering of Main Km value by PTCU W166.

30.06.2019  Firmware Update for all filters. Added filtering of Main Km value by PTCU W205.

26.06.2019  Firmware Update for all filters. Added filtering of Main Km value by PTCU W213/W222.

05.04.2019  Firmware Update for all filters. Added compatiblity with one else version of EZS W447.

19.02.2019  Firmware Update for all filters. For SpeedStop filters: Added compatiblity with one else version of wheel keys W222.

09.02.2019  Firmware Update for all filters. For SpeedStop filters: Added compatiblity with one else version of wheel keys W213.

23.12.2018  Firmware Update for all filters. For all filters (Mode: OBD filter). The data filtering of "OBD filter" for W213 2017 (read data from EZS) is adjusted.
    For SpeedStop filters: for all cars, all modes now selected by pressing of left side of wheel, button HomeEsc omly. Details are on the filter description

26.11.2018  Firmware Update for filter 1715 (SpeedStop) and all other filters. 

    - Added SpeedStop for W213 2017 Restyling, control by the left wheel panel (details in "Version3" and "4" of description)
    - Added SpeedStop for W222 2017 Restyling, control by the left wheel panel (details in "Version3" and "4" of description)

28.09.2018 firmware Update for all filters.

Added filtering of mileage in the ABS and Engine ECU by Lada Vesta
Added blocking of mileage for W213/W222 '2017 EZS-Cluster (for filter 1615)
Added filter state detection "W166 Main Filter" for filter diagnosis with MBCleaner
Added filtering of three km values readed by EZS W213/W222 '2017 (mode OBD filter)

20.06.2018  Firmware Update for all filters. 

    - When the SpeedStop filter installed in W213, in some cars the the Reverse position of transmission is lost, fixed this bug.

13.04.2018  Firmware Update for all filters. 

    - For Renault, was trimmed autodetect function.

27.03.2018 Firmware Update for all filters.

    - For W447(version with cluster by W205), the mode "2nd OBD filter" is added .

17.02.2018  Firmware Update for filter 1715 (SpeedStop) and all other filters. 

    - For W213, the problem with mileage return has been solved.
    - W205/222/213: added indication of mode by the blinking of FarLight lamp of the Cluster.
    - SpeedStop: added the ability to permanent turn OFF the SpeedStop function (as example in case of changing the owner of the car).

    To all filters was added the W213 OBD filter function (same as for W205/222).
    I. e. in W213 cars, you can use the filter 1615,1616,1715 with updated firmware as OBD filter too.

    Picture for connect filters to the EZS W213 updated too.

    All details are in the manual for the filter 1715 SpeedStop on the 1st page of our site.

16.11.2017 Good news: now the filters 1615, 1715 with last firmware works well with new cars:

    - Renault Clio4, Duster Phase2, Lada Vesta, Logan2, Traffic, similar cars.
    - BMW G-serie, F-serie.

07.11.2017 There are complaints about inability of diagnostics with some of dealer diagnostic tools.

    Possible reason is the absence of CAN terminator resistor in the OBD connector of tool. For fixing it, we recommend before installation
    of the filter as "OBD", replace the terminator resistor at 150-250 Ohms on the filter pcb, resistor usually at the edge of filter pcb.
    All filters sold from this date will be already finalized by this trouble.

06.11.2017 The filter firmware was remaked.

1. Now the filter became "symmetrical" (now doesn't matter which pair of wires CAN where to connect, you may connect as convenient).
2. If you install in car two filters "Main" and "OBD", now they both are diagnosed by the Cleaner tools (for Mercedes and for BMW too).
    The detection of filters via OBD, works for all filters with the last version of firmware. The reflashing of them "via OBD" also works for all filters with
    the date of delivery from 07.11.2017. The filters sent to you before this date have the old bootloader version and have a restrictions of reflashing "via OBD".
    Therefore, if you install a 2 "old" but updated filters in your car, be flasheable via OBD just the filter installed as "OBD" - installed closest to the OBD connector.
    In the case of the "old" updated filters (sold/sent before 06.11.2017), if you accidentally start the procedure of reflash firmware of such filter installed as "EZS-dash", 
    its firmware will be just erased, and it "disappears" by diagnosis. Then you need reflash it only directly "on the table".

08.08.2017 To the filter firmware was added new version of BMW FEM/BDC ( installing as 2-nd filter, for reading correct values via OBD CAN).

 An actual firmware version for filters 1815-12/13, 1816: v75.07.08, for filters 1815-14, 1615, 1616: v88.07.08.  

25.02.2017 Added new versions of BMW FEM/BDC ( installing as 2-nd filter, for OBD) in the firmware of filters. 
 An actual firmware version for filters 1815-12/13, 1816: v74.24.03, for filters 1815-14, 1615, 1616: v87.24.03. 

20.12.2016 In the archive files for filters 1615 and 1815 was added connection pictures of 2х filters into FEM/BDC module. The second filter need to install only if you want to see the "right" odometer value readed via OBD CAN diagnostics.

22.07.2016 The filtering function for motorcycles BMW is added. Was tested on F800R 2010, F800GS 2013.

22.04.2016 The firmware of filter 1815-12/13/14, 1615 is modified: added variant of W212, where was problem with reading mileage from EZS via Xentry/ MBcleaner.
 Firmware version for filters 1815-12/13, 1816: v71, for filter 1815-14: v84, date 22.04.

04.03.2016 The firmware of filter 1815-12/13/14, 1816 is modified: improved sensitivity of autodetect CAN bus. The accuracy of the mileage reading from EZS W166 is improved up to full value (without rounding).
Firmware version for filters 1815-12/13, 1816: v70, for filter 1815-14: v83, date 04.03.

08.02.2016 The MB EZS connection pictures archive is updated: the installing picture in EZS module W156 20143 is added.

09/26/2015Firmware update for the filters 181x. Now, the diagnostics of the filter can be performed via both CAN buses of filter. Firmware version for 1815-12/13: v6F, for 1815-14: v82, date 26.09. 

02/25/2015 The connection picture for EZS W246 is added. Please download the new archive from the site Filters page.

02/21/2015 The manufacture and sale of filters 1815-13 is ended.

The store offers an improved version of filter 1815-14. The main improvement is the current consumption in sleep mode is less than 1mA.

02/11/2015 The connection picture for EZS W205/W222 is added to the pictures archive. Please download fresh archive from the site page.
Firmware update for the filters 181x. The functionality for W205/W222 cars is added to filters firmware. Firmware version for 1815-12/13: v6E, for 1815-14: v81, date 11.02. 

Was fixed trouble when 2 filters was installed into the W166, was always reading 0km by the EZS via OBD. For W164 TV-free: turned back the future of activating-deactivating TV-free mode by the button HangDown on the steering wheel. An actual firmware version: v6D, date 26.01. Important - please make filter unlock after update even if the filter shows "unlocked" state! For updating file request, please send us the letter with your Adapter ID (MB-CAN or USProg) and the request description, of course.

06/10/2014 New firmware for the filters 1815-1x, 1816-1x. There arrived new variant of GL X164 (TV-free). An actual firmware version: v6c, date 10.06. For updating file request, please send us the letter with your Adapter ID (MB-CAN or USProg) and the request description, of course.

02/01/2014 Notice: the supporting and guarantee for filters MicroV1 was ended since 01/30/2014 because they are stops produced and selled more than 1 year ago.

09/27/2013 New firmware for the filters 1815-1x, 1816-1x. There arrived new variant of X204. An actual firmware version: v6B, date 27.09. For updating file request, please send us the letter with your Adapter ID (MB-CAN or USProg) and the request description, of course.

07/26/2013 The new firmware for the filters 1815-1x. For Renault cars the possibility of filtration the diagnostic data reading from ABS is added. Read the filter connection description on a site page. Actual 1815-1x firmwares: 1815-1x = v69 from 23.07, 1815-1x TVfree = v6A from 23.07.

07/14/2013 The new firmware for the filters "1815-1x TVfree". There arrived new variant of W204. An actual version: v68, date 14.07.

7/10/2013 The MB EZS connection pictures archive is updated: the installing picture in EZS module W212 2013 is added.The BMW CAS connection pictures archive is updated: the picture of filter installing in the FEM module is added.

07/04/2013 For blockers established in Renault there is an firmware updating, concerns Scenic 3 (spontaneous reset the trip data). Actual firmware: v67 from date 03.07.

05/22/2013 Now the 1815-12 filters (from FW: 65/66 date:22.05) have fully automatic car type detection (MB-BMW-Renault), no need to short specially something on the blocker board, check resistors-terminators only, according with the connection picture (earlier was the MB-BMW autodetect only).

02/18/2013 Concerns only the filters 1816-12 bought since December 2012 till February 2013. It was found out that some filters 1816 which have been not programmed have been casually sent to the buyers.
Please check up your filters 1816.
Serviceability signs: at connection on a table, when power is applied on a blocker, on MCU pin 16 should be a meander with the period approximately 100s - is means that a blocker not "locked". Or on pin 1 of 8-pin device marked "SN55HVD251" there is a level 3.3v (log.1). If the meander is not present and on pin 1 of CAN driver have not 3.3v - please send such blockers back using regular mail and notify us with parcel Tracking Number, the other blockers will be sent you fast.
We make the deepest apologies for inconvenience.

12/28/2012 For users of Renault blockers 1815-12 and MicroV1"R" - please update your connection fotos, some is changed, fixed mistake in Scenic3 picture.

11/04/2012 Caution! For filter 181x-12, sales month 09-10 year2012 installed into W164 EZS only, possible blocker hangup after car wakeup!
Please update blocker firmware before it installing(on-table) or after it installing(via car OBD)!
For obtaining blocker binary file please connect with me, will be need your Adapter ID for making binary file.

10/06/2012 The heat-up reason of blocker 1815-12 and 1816-12 is found. Chips SN55 and ZYR should not concern with sides - they have side truncated outputs of substrates. At one substrate on mass, at another - is an output 3.3v. It is necessary a legless chip from a board underside ( marked as ZYR), the dryer fan hardly to remove from adjacent same SN55, it is literally on a small gap.

If does not help and on vlocker board is not present 3.3v, means device already it had time to be damaged, you can send it to me, I will change it.

09/14/2012  The firmwares for 1815-12 (universal) is finished, the filtration function for CAS4 is added and tested successfully.
To users of the Cleaner software, who have these blockers, please request to me about update files. Files become under Adapter ID number - at once give it (how to find number - see the Cleaner programms installation page).

07/28/2012 At numerous requests of buyers, the Mercedes universal blockers are on sale now with blocking function for BMW CAS4! The Mercedes blockers sold since August 2012 will have future to working in BMW CAS4. Read the information on a site pages and in shop.